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Clear Skin

Joel Peterson – Level 5 Personal Trainer Apple Athletic Club

We have explored the myriad of ways that exercise benefits our body and mind. We have also reviewed how exercise has anti-aging affects (Health and Aging, Part One & Health and Aging, Part Two):

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In this article, we’ll discuss how exercise goes a long way toward improving your complexion; clearing up acne (for all ages) and warding off signs of premature aging.

Complexion Enhancement

Your body is actually designed for constant movement. When you do, all of your biological systems can work properly and efficiently, creating all-around beauty, health, and well-being. Exercise can also go a long way toward “cleaning up” and toning your complexion.

Makeup artist Michelle Phan has blogged about the beauty benefits of exercise. And, according to Dalton Wong, a celebrity trainer, engaging in the correct exercises will help you tone your skin in much the same way you tone your muscles.

“‘The key in training to tone your skin is to focus on increasing lean muscle mass,’ explains Wong. As we age, our skin naturally loses its plumping, youthful layer of fat. But if you exercise the right way, you can build up muscle which gives that same vitalizing effect. As Wong explains; ‘it’s the lean muscle mass that sits just under the surface which can create a lifted, taut-looking, skin.'”

According to Wong, to improve your skin, you’ll want to focus on resistance training, where you’re using weights, or your own bodyweight, to challenge your muscles. Lunges, pushups, and planking are examples of resistance exercises (see previous articles for examples). To tone both muscles and skin, and help eliminate cellulite, he recommends implementing a circuit routine consisting of three to four sets of weight bearing exercises with two to four minutes of cardio in between, repeated four times.

Clear Skin

Sweating During Exercise – It’s a good thing!

Sweating and improving blood flow is good for your skin. Your skin is the largest detoxification organ. Sweating not only helps regulate body temperature but it also helps eliminate toxins. Exercise also improves blood flow, which in turn, helps shuttle oxygen and nutrients to your skin. Improved blood flow from exercise is key for a beautiful complexion.

Stay Well Hydrated When Exercising

Water is the key ingredient to a healthier complexion. Water will certainly help you train better as no one can work out if they’re not properly hydrated but it also makes your skin look better, too. How to tell if you’re drinking enough? Try the hydration test by pinching the skin on the back of your hand; if it doesn’t spring back fast, you’re dehydrated.

In addition to hydrating your skin from the inside out, increasing your water intake will also help flush out trapped toxins, oils, and debris that can contribute to acne. The combination of being well-hydrated and boosting blood flow can also benefit your hair, as it will naturally stimulate your hair follicles and promote hair growth.


Wow! Exercise certainly has a lot of benefits including anti-aging effects and we can all benefit from the benefits of clearer skin. Witch clearer and more hydrated skin, we will look as good as we feel as we all “get healthy together!”

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