Idaho Falls Family Doctor – Dr. Reed Ward

As an Idaho Falls family doctor, Dr. Reed Ward provides personalized healthcare for everyone in the family.  Doctor Ward is a compassionate and kindhearted Idaho Falls family doctor who provides comprehensive medical care from newborns to the elderly. You can count on Dr. Ward to be your Idaho Falls family doctor.

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Dr Reed Ward consulting with a patient.

Osteopathic Physician – D.O.

Dr. Ward is an Idaho Falls doctor of osteopathic medicine. As such, he takes a "whole person" approach to medicine. Instead of just treating symptoms, Dr. Ward will explore the body as an integrated whole with a focus on prevention.

front desk staff.

Caring Staff

One of the comforting aspects of Dr. Ward's Idaho Falls family practice is the kind and compassionate staff that work tirelessly to make sure every patient is well taken care of. The receptionists, nursing staff, PA's and Dr. Ward himself show genuine care and concern for each person that visits his family practice.

dor Ward expanining patient's ear.

Healthcare Services

There are a variety of medical services provided in Dr. Ward's Idaho Falls family practice. From the needs of newborn children to those of an aging parent Dr. Ward's family practice will cover every age group. From urgent care needs like a broken bone to long-term health care maintenance like diabetes, Dr. Ward can help.

Ward Family Medicine

Dr. Ward is a unique Idaho Falls family doctor who combines old-fashioned values with modern medicine.

This combination makes Dr. Ward a family doctor who will know you personally and will understand your health history as he applies the skill of a modern physician.

Dr. Ward’s commitment as an Idaho Falls family doctor is based on the quality of healthcare that reaches far beyond an occasional visit to an urgent care facility. Dr. Ward is an Idaho Falls family doctor that takes the time necessary to review your health history, discuss your concerns and then provide a quality treatment plan to help your family obtain optimal health.

Health Management

When faced with the challenge of managing hypertension, cholesterol and diabetes, Dr. Reed Ward is an Idaho Falls family doctor that provides comprehensive testing and aggressive plans to maintain the best possible quality of life for individuals of all ages.

Why choose a family doctor?

Healthcare can be received from many different providers like a hospital or an urgent care facility. In his family practice, Dr. Reed Ward serves as a primary care physician. A family physician gets to know health history which helps them understand patients as complete individuals.

Family Healthcare

As an Idaho Falls family doctor, patients rely on Dr. Ward for all of their healthcare needs. Instead of jumping around from doctor to doctor, all health care can be provided by the Idaho Falls physician who knows all of your health history.

Office Sign for Reed Ward Family Medicine Physcians on 3425 potomac in Idaho Falls.

Dr. Reed Ward’s Idaho Falls Family Practice

Dr. Reed Ward opened his Idaho Falls family practice in 2002. As an Idaho Falls native, Dr. Ward is pleased to provide his medical services in his home-town community. Dr. Ward is an osteopathic physician with a clear approach to medicine which he employs in this caring Idaho Falls family practice.