Childhood Care

Newborn/ Pediatric Exams

Many mothers are excited to learn that Dr. Ward, as a family doctor, provides newborn and pediatric exams. This is a great start to excellent health of newborns as their family doctor provides healthcare from the very beginning.

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Newborn Hospital Care

Parents may choose a pediatrician or family doctor to provide newborn hospital care. Dr. Reed Ward is a family doctor who provides hospital care for newborns who may require a longer stay in the hospital.

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doctor checking child's vitals.

Well Child Exam

For the health of children as they grow, annual well-child examinations are important to screen for proper development. Dr. Ward suggests that exams become part of an annual routine prior to the start of each school year.

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Childhood Immunizations

Vaccinations for children are essential to prevent serious, debilitating and even life threatening diseases. We work with parents to insure all childhood immunizations are provided according to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention.

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