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The road to good health is paved with good intentions and blocked with pitfalls. Achieving great health and vitality is more than getting out of the chair. We have to see, understand and overcome the road blocks on the highway. In my experience as a Personal Trainer I can say the number one detriment to our health is putting cell damaging food in our bodies. That’s right, junk food and so-called “healthy foods” that are no more than cheap imitations of real food.

In my previous articles I have made this fact abundantly clear. Because of the negative impact on our health I will continue to stress and educate on this subject. I believe the more we understand about what we are eating and the destructive consequences of junk food, the more apt we will be to avoid these “foods”. So, let’s begin the education.

The term ‘junk food’ was coined by Michael Jacobson in the year 1972. Excessive sugar and the accompanying obesity is just one of the harmful junk food facts.

Junk Food Facts

The following junk food facts give us a clear idea about the harmful effects of these food items:

  • Junk foods are known for the high amount of sugar present in them. A single cola can contain a staggering 10 teaspoons of sugar. Thus, people who are in the ‘dieting mode’ should think twice even before sipping colas. Other foods which contain high amounts of sugar include chocolates, cakes, biscuits, etc.
  • The amount of minerals and vitamins is less in junk foods, while it is loaded with calories.
  • The amount of oxycholesterol is high in junk foods. It is one of the types of cholesterol which increases the chances of a heart attack.
  • The unused sugars are converted into fats and thus, people who consume junk foods regularly are at a risk of gaining more weight than others.
  • The artificial flavors used in junk food sold to children is double in sweetness to that of adult food. It may lead to harmful effects on children. The sweetness in natural food becomes unpalatable for children due to the excessive intake of artificial sugars through junk food.
  • The colors and flavors present in junk foods are responsible for causing rashes, asthma and other problems like hyperactivity.
  • In the United States of America, around 12.5 million children are overweight. Consumption of junk food is an important reason behind children gaining weight.
  • Food items such as chips, cookies, candy bars, muffins, fried foods, etc., contain high amounts of hydrogenated oils and fats. The trans fats or hydrogenated oils present in these foods do not serve any purpose in the nourishment of the body.
  • The excessive amount of salts present in junk food items like chips and pretzels cause the sodium percentage to raise in the body. Sodium if present in high amounts, leads to the increase in blood pressure levels.
  • The intake of junk foods is responsible for health problems like tooth decay, different types of cancers and many other diseases, apart from heart disease, obesity and high blood pressure.
  • The fats present in junk foods signal the brain to demand more food. The effect of such fats on the brain might remain for a long time.
  • Aggressive marketing of junk food products is the main reason behind people resorting to this unhealthy stuff we consume on a regular basis. Targeting children right from the age of 2-4 yrs. causes their market share to grow on a long term basis. The junk food companies try to lure children by offering various schemes. Celebrities are roped in to market such products which reinforces the children’s belief in these ’empty foods’.
  • The excessive amount of sugar that is present in junk foods causes the insulin levels to remain high and thereby, metabolic problems occur.
  • The most shocking revelation was conducted on rats. The rats under experimentation were fed with junk food for 5 days. The pleasure centers of their brain became desensitized and these rats starved for about two weeks when the junk food was replaced with a healthy diet. The above article thus, presents some interesting junk food facts, which should encourage people to lean towards a healthy diet.
  • Constant and regular consumption of fast food can lead to an overall unhealthy condition. Malnutrition, obesity, increased risks of heart attack; hypertension and an overall unhealthy body are some of the things that follow a fast food addiction.
Junk Food is a pitfall to great health

Avoiding Junk Food

So if you want to lead a healthy and fulfilling life it is best to cut down your fast food intake, switch to healthier options and supplement it with regular fitness exercises. Health is one of the most important aspects that need to be taken care of for being truly happy in life.

The solution to improving your health and losing weight is often as simple as swapping processed foods for real food. Business Insider reported:

“When we replace real, traditional foods like butter, meat and vegetables with crappy, processed junk foods, we get fat and sick. Real food is the key to good health, processed food is not. Period.”

People have thrived on vegetables, meats, eggs, fruits, and other whole foods for centuries, while processed foods were only recently invented.

Stay tuned to our posts. We will help you start replacing your processed foods with real and nourishing food. Remember we are going a step at a time. Overnight change usually results in overnight relapse. But every day that we make wise choices in what we eat we become stronger both in body and mind. Don’t lose heart. This is a wonderful journey to a marvelous destination as we Get Healthy Together!

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