Family Doctor, Primary Care Physician

Why an Idaho Falls family doctor? In the rush of our fast pace society there is a trend that eliminates a family doctor. Often time, parents rush their kids to the nearest urgent care facilities for stitches or to treat a common illness but they may not be seeing the whole picture.

By using urgent care facilities, parents and children don’t establish a relationship with their Idaho Falls family doctor because they will likely see a different doctor every time. Without an Idaho Falls family doctor, health history plays very little in the care provided as urgent care providers tend to care for the symptoms only.

Idaho_Falls_family_physician_1By establishing a relationship with an Idaho Falls family doctor, your health history and that of your entire family will be considered. Health tendencies discovered in health history is very important information to help your family doctor establish the most effective treatment for each member of your family.

When an Idaho Falls family doctor has been established we become more comfortable with them and our trust builds as they help keep our family healthy. We are more apt to share with them our health issues and in turn, we address health issues early preventing many diseases from worsening.

Family doctors are also much more concerned about prevention. Guidelines based on family history and the individual’s health history play a role in the development of a proactive health plan. For individuals who have a health issues that require careful maintenance, like high blood pressure, an Idaho Falls family doctor can monitor their situation and establish a maintenance regimen that will keep the individual as healthy as possible for longer periods of time.

Many decades ago, there were fewer family doctors and they would have an office and make a house call when someone wasn’t feeling well. In our day, the fast-paced society in which we live drives us to require immediate results. On-demand television, text messaging, email and other Internet related technologies contribute to the immediate result mentality. Immediate healthcare is a contradiction in terms. While emergency situations certainly require immediate attention to save life, healthcare is a broader component to the total well-being of an individual. Family doctors help provide to healthcare from an infant to the elderly.

The Idaho Falls family doctor, Dr. Reed Ward, is a family doctor that can establish the need for overall healthcare.

  • One Idaho Falls family doctor who knows you and your family’s healthcare history.
  • One Idaho Falls family doctor for urgent care like broken bones or sprains.
  • One Idaho Falls family doctor for seasonal sicknesses like the flu, colds, and allergies.
  • One Idaho Falls family doctor for sports physicals and sports injuries.
  • One Idaho Falls family doctor for managed healthcare like diabetes, high cholesterol, or high blood pressure.

In other words, Dr. Ward is the one Idaho Falls family doctor for all your healthcare needs. See the top 10 Reasons to choose Dr. Ward.